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View Article  P60 Replacement
Everyone who is in regular employment will receive a P60 certificate at the end of each financial year. There are ...   more »
View Article  Choosing a replacement payslips company
The advantages of buying your payslips from a reputable company has to be accuracy and expertise.

The first accuracy, you need to know that your provider of replacement payslips knows how to calculate the year to-date figures and all other information on your payslips with limited information and how to present it in an accurate way.

The second expertise, to calculate the payslips your payslips provider needs an extensive knowledge of payroll, it is not an easy task to arrive at the correct figure for gross pay, PAYE and NIC’s and to bring them all together at a later date in the tax year.
View Article  Payslips Plus-Illegal workers
Before someone is employed by a company they have to prove they have the right to work in this country. So we don't discriminate against anyone, employers should ask everyone to provide evidence. this doesn't come in the way of payslips. Examples of this evidence are a passport, national identity card, residence permit or a birth certificate. There are many more acceptable forms of identification. Even if you provide your employee with payslips you might be employing them illegally if they don't have the right to work in this country. If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact us at payslips plus.
View Article  Payslips Plus-S.M.P
To qualify for S.M.P you must have worked for at least 41 weeks before the baby is due, once you receive your statuary maternity payments check your payslips. The first 6 weeks you are entitled to 90% of your earnings or the statuary amount which is currently £128.73, you would receive the lower of the two, check your payslips this should be clearly shown as S.M.P. For the remaining 33 weeks you are entitled to the statuary amount £128.73. You can take a further 13 weeks off which will make it a total of 52 weeks if you require but the last 13 weeks will either be taken as unpaid leave or you could use up your holidays. If you are fortunate enough your employer may pay over and above the statuary requirement.
View Article  Payslips Plus-Payslip
Your employer is required to provide you with your payslips by law, this doesn't have to be a computerized payslip it can be hand written and take on many forms. It could simply be a wage packet with your pay and deductions shown. You are entitled to know what has been deducted from your gross pay and how the net is arrived at. You could be paid weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or maybe even monthly but regardless you should receive your payslips for every pay period.
View Article  Payslips Plus- Taxable and none taxable benefits
Most benefits are taxable particularly when it is paid as a set amount each month, this will be shown on your payslips. For example if you are paid car allowance this will be shown as a set amount on your payslips every month and this is most certainly taxable, but if you claim mileage from your employer the first 10,000 miles at 40p per mile is not taxable and then you can claim 26p per mile thereafter. This will be shown on your payslips but isn't taxable. If you are paid a set amount for travel expenses each month, again this will be taxable but if you claim travel expenses from your employer for business expenses( travelling to work and back is not classed as a business expense) you will need to produce receipts but this can be paid as a none taxable payment and again can be shown on your payslips. The general rule of thumb is that if you claim for a business expense an produce a receipt then this is not taxable but if your paid a set amount each month for business expenses, like an allowance then this becomes taxable.
View Article  Payslips plus-Employers NI
Employers national insurance is a cost to the employer and not the employee so normally wouldn't be shown on your payslips. It is known as class 1 national
insurance. The current rate of employers national insurance is12% which is for earnings betweeen £5,304 and £42,475. For earnings above £42,475 it's at a rate of 2%. This will be shown on some payslips but not all payslips. It is of major importance when an employer sets an employees salary that they include the employers national insurance in the cost.
View Article  Payslips Plus Minimum wage
The topic this week has to be the implementation of the new minimum wage rate. If your payslips don't already break down your hourly rate ask your employer to organize this and then you can clearly see you rate of pay on your payslips. There are a few different rates of minimum wage. The apprentice rate has increased from £2.50 per hour to £2.60. The 16 and 17 year old rate has increased from £3.64 to £3.68. The 18 and 20 year old rate has increased from £4.92 to £4.98 and the 21 and over rate has increased from £5.93 to £6.08. If you concerned about what rate of pay your on, check your payslips. Your payslips are first and foremost for your information.
View Article  Pension-Automatic enrolment
The pension reform has been introduced to try and avoid a pension crisis. In recent times people are investing less in pensions and living longer which is likely to cause a shortfall in income once retirement age is reached. Automatic enrolment active from the year 2012, every emloyer is required to enroll their workers into a pension scheme and make a contribution, unless they are already in one. Check your payslips for pension deductions. There are a few exeptions, you don't have to be enroled if your 21 or under, have already reached state pension age or earn below £7,475 per year. For further advice you can contact payslips plus, your payroll provider, accountant or I.F.A.
View Article  Storing your payslips
There are many ways you can store your payslips. Speaking from experience get yourself a box file and keep your payslips in one of the files for the whole tax year, at the start of the next tax year start a new file within the box file. Once you receive your P60 place this with payslips from the relevant year within the box file. Before you know it you'll have your last few years payslips all in the same place. For this small effort in organizing yourself it will pay dividends in the long run. It will certainly save in the cost of paying for replacement payslips.
View Article  The mortgage verification scheme
There was a new scheme launched September 1st know as "The mortgage verification scheme". It allows mortgage companies to verify potential borrowers earnings with HM Revenue & Customs. It is a joint initiative launched by HMRC, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) and the Building Societies Association following a pilot scheme involving two UK lenders. They will only check income if a suspicion arises that it is an application were the income has been inflated. It is very important if you don't have your payslips and you need replacement payslips that the information you supply is exactly what you were paid.
View Article  Payslips
Ordering Payslips has never been easier; if you have lost or damaged payslips that you need replacing then Payslips Plus offer a fast, reliable and confidential service. Our wide selection of payslips are all printed on Inland Revenue approved paper and are printed using computerised software. You will have no need to wait for your payslips as we can guarantee next day delivery for a small fee however, all our Payslips ordered before 3pm will be sent out first class post and should arrive with you within 5 working days. If you need your payslips urgently then we can fax or email your payslips to you for a small charge.

Payslips Plus is a reputable company that has been trading online for many years, replacing payslips and P60's to customers throughout the UK and abroad.
View Article  Payslips Plus-Replacement Payslips
It's important you request replacement payslips legally and responsibly, not only is it an offence but it is important that your payslips reflect your true employment income if your providing them for proof of income. Financial institutions have a set criteria for what you can and can't afford based on your income. There are many reasons for this but not only do they want to protect themselves they want to protect you as a customer from over borrowing.
View Article  Payslips plus-Loan to an employee
If you take a loan from your employer it can be shown on your payslips. The loan itself will be shown on the payments side of your payslips. It should be paid gross and shouldn't be included in your gross pay for tax to-date figure. On your payslips compare your Gross pay to-date and your gross pay for tax to-date you should clearly be able to see this on your payslips. When you have agreed to pay this back this should be shown on the deductions side of your payslips but this should then be deducted from your net pay and not your gross. If it's deducted from your gross pay you won't pay the correct amount of tax.
View Article  Payslips Plus-P45
If you start a new job you need to give your new employer your p45 as soon as possible so you pay the correct amount of tax on your payslips. It won't make any difference to the amount of national insurance you pay but it will make a difference to the tax you pay. Your new employer will put the information off your P45 into their system and this will be reflected on your payslips. If you don't hand in your P45 your employer might calculate your wage on a BR code, you will see this displayed on your payslips. This means you are being taxed at 20% without any allowance. Check your payslips carefully to make sure this is not the situation.
View Article  Ordering from Payslips Plus
It's around this time of year were people generally get asked for their P60 as well as their payslips when required. This is generally because they have not long since had their P60 issued. Ordering from payslips plus couldn't be simpler, simply go to the home page decide which payslips you want from the wide range displayed on the home page. From there you select buy now underneath the payslips image you require and you will then be directed to the order page. On the order page follow the instructions and enter a few simple bits of information and once you've done this select check out, you will then be able to review your order. If happy select continue and then give us a call to make payment. If you ordered before 3pm we will dispatch your payslips and P60 the same day. Ordering your payslips couldn't be easier.
View Article  Payslips Plus-Payslips Type
Replacement Payslips explained   more »
View Article  Replacement Payslips-Payslips Plus
Lost or damaged payslips replaced   more »
View Article  Payslips Plus: Pay-day
It is important you make sure you receive your payslips before your pay-day. This way you can cross reference your payslips to what you've actualy been paid. If you are unsure speak to the payroll department so they can correct your payslips and you are paid your correct amount. If the payroll department don't send your payslips electronicaly this might be something you could request, this would save you waiting for your payslips to arrive in the post.
View Article  Understanding your payslips: Payslips Plus
Not only is it important to keep your payslips it's also very important to understand your payslips as well. Your payslips give quite alot of information. Your pay for that period, the tax and national insurance deducted from your pay and also your pay and deductions to-date. It is important that you can work out if your payslips have been up-dated correctly. Basicaly if you add up all your previous pay and your current pay it should equal the pay-to-date on your latest payslip. A quicker way of doing this is if you are paid the same amount every month, have a look on your payslip what tax month it is and divide your payslip by the particular tax month and this should give you your monthly gross pay. Take the time to look at your payslips and if you don't understand any of the information you can speak to us at payslips plus or ask your employer.
View Article  Employer doesn't provide computerised payslips.
Computerised Payslips are not a legal requirment for an employer so many employees get replacement payslips for Payslips Plus   more »
View Article  Payslips : Payslips Plus
It is not unusual to lose or misplace Payslips and P60’s, which can be quite frustrating when you are in the middle of an application for a loan or mortgage and cause problems when you are commencing a new job. As most payslips are only a single piece of paper it is advised to have a separate filing system for them as they can get lost amongst other documents. Even when payslips have been stored correctly they may get damaged which, makes them invalid.   more »